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Эта игра уже доступна в Steam!

Спасибо, что помогли этой игре оказаться в магазине Steam. Более подробную информацию, включая ссылку на страницу в магазине, вы можете найти ниже.

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Посмотреть Alchemic Jousts в магазине

We are happy to announce the Store page for Alchemic Jousts has been published. Check it here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/516890

Estamos contentos de anunciar que la pagina de la Tienda de Alchemic Jousts ha sido publicada. Vedla aquí: http://store.steampowered.com/app/516890

We’ve been working really hard on the game, and it’s coming along really nicely. Most of the important parts are already done, and as we are getting closer to finish it, it was time to update the trailer. Check it on the Steam page!

Also, make sure you check our Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtlgiZfIJVaRMCFwXFG9n3g), where we’ve been posting short 30′ gameplay videos.

Alchemic Jousts is a 2D real-time strategy game where simple mechanics meet deep gameplay. Command your elementals and support them with a wide variety of skills. Control the arena and crush your opponent in one-to-one encounters!

As you progress through the single player campaign you’ll be able to discover new skills and abilities by combining your already known ones and expanding your repertory of weapons to draw from.

The game is based around a rock-paper-scissors system of combat, where some units are guaranteed to win on combat against other units and the main objective is to destroy your opponents base before yours falls. However, the objective of a match will vary depending on the game mode you are playing.

For the basic mode both players will face each other on a flat arena divided in zones which can be captured and controlled by elementals from any of the two players. Once captured, skills can be used to apply different effects that will either benefit the player that owns it or hinder the enemy player or his units.

Different skills can be used to affect the outcome of the match, each with its own unique function and restrictions. Freeze units with a blizzard and break them before they unfreeze, use snow to slow their movement, confuse enemy units with a tornado and make them attack their friends, use the force of a hurricane to push them back and much more. Different skills have different synergies between each other and part of the fun comes from discovering how you can mix and match your skills as well as learning when the right time to use your ultimate combo is.

New skills are obtained by playing a crafting mini-game and progressing through the main campaign. Combining known skills and reagents obtained through victories allows you to discover more skills which you can further try to combine into new ones.

Before each match starts you choose up to 12 skills you wish to use as your build from the skills you have previously discovered. Your opponent will do the same.

Alchemic Jousts‘ basic rules are very easy to learn and combines a good balance between strategical decision making and your ability to perform such decisions with a slight bit of chaos to spice it all.

Lunatic Pixels is a 2 man indie studio based in Barcelona, coming from experienced backgrounds in game production such as 3D character works (including cinematic projects of known titles as Gears of War, Halo or Dead Island), and game engine programing and design.

Alchemic Jousts is our first game, and we are putting all our passion into this first project, focusing in creating a very polished, fun and interesting gameplay mechanic.


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