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I’ll Be The Matriarch In This Life

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Briefly about I’ll Be The Matriarch In This Life: She believed things were going well in the long run. But her father passed away. And her in-laws abandoned her on her doorstep. All this, along with the venerable farm. And she was so proud of it. So, everything was completely ruined… However, is this unrealistic? She had had a little (or a lot) to drink. And as a result, the carriage ran her over. And when she opened her eyes, she was seven years old? Also, the Second Prince, was an enemy of her family in a previous life. And now he’s also stalking her like a puppy!

“Tia, you’re prettier than me.”

Okay, the Second Prince and his family are mine! In this life, I will have to end up being the head of their family.

I’ll Be The Matriarch In This Life manga about:

The mother died relatively early by all accounts. The father had to work tirelessly to get the emperor to lift the “sanctions. And their competitive system doesn’t give him the right to choose his “favorites.” So it’s realistic that he just left them to themselves. In general, his ambition is not so bad. He is the most “active” of the four children. The other thing is that he’s up to his ears in nobility. And his ego clouds his mind. And the nobility’s snobbery is off the charts. The Empress’ family took full advantage of him and threw him out. Which also does not shine with intelligence. But then again, Gallagher is no threat to him as a competitor. He is not a threat to him as a rival, because he is not suitable as head of the clan.

I Will Become the Mistress of This Life shortly:

By the way, even his father is essentially an ambitious jerk. But it seems that his wife also brainwashed him and infected him with “nobility” up to his tonsils. Why is it the teacher’s fault? He is providing a service. That is, he is teaching them. He can’t force him to learn. And I think, for the most part, it’s the parents’ fault. Okay, the mother is from a different lineage and is a greenhouse flower. But the boy’s father’s been around for years, he should have seen through his father’s chip. Yes, maybe no one knows about this method (except the head of the clan and his assistants). But by the system that his father established for all estates. If you have talent, diligence, and persistence, the door is open to you.

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